Hello!  My name is Shawn Coleman.  I am the President and Lead Professional Counselor with PerspectVe.  I have an undergraduate degree in human services from Waynesburg University, a certificate in drug and alcohol counseling and a master's in professional counseling from Carlow University.

PerspectVe is a mental health and wellbeing company that specializes in non-traditional forms of counseling and life coaching.  Our mission is to create materials that increase awareness and promote wise decision making.  Our vision is to be the leading entity in the advancement and improvement regarding the wellbeing of those individuals and groups who allow our services to be a part of their lives.

Contact Information:
Shawn Coleman, MS PC
Owner, President, and Lead Professional Counselor

Makalia Francis-Coleman, MBA
Vice President of Human Resources

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 99691
Pittsburgh, Pa 15233

Description of PerspectVe's
In-Home, Globally Virtual, and National Conferences/Services:

Therapeutic Boxing™, is a non-combative style of mindfulness within psychotherapy and mental health that mirrors back to the participant how they are behaving - moment-to-moment in different situations within their lives. The choices that they make, the things they see and do not see, how they listen or ignore things, how they initiate things, how they respond to stress, etc.. Infinite information ABOUT THEM [and how they may be living their actual lives] is available to them every moment of the session.  It provides a unique experience that increases their awareness of their behavior in a way where a professional and soulful clinician/coach processes if what they are doing is healthy or unhealthy, helpful or harmful for them or others, and intentional or unintentional. This solution-based therapy and wellbeing coaching happens as the client and professional process, together, the spirit of what is occurring.  It can occur in the form of individual, family, and group therapy, wellbeing coaching, psychoeducation classes, professional development workshops and more! Participants begin to see how their aerobic, kinesthetic, and bodily movements and behaviors connect and relate to other areas of their lives. Ultimately, the Therapeutic Boxing ™ is geared to reshape the participants behavior through the quantum practice of experiencing themselves in a new light.

Anger & Emotion Management Coaching, is a series of psychoeducational classes that consists of basic exposure therapy, basic biofeedback, and researched based ideologies that help individuals with emotion management issues such as anger, rage, and anxiety, learn to gain healthy autonomy of their physiological in-the-moment-of-stress and ultimately elevate their emotional intelligence and decisions making while avoiding unfavorable experiences.

Non-Traditional Sexual Violence Awareness Seminars are non-traditional discussion-based conferences regarding sexual violence awareness which have been strategically developed to prevent sexually violent acts and contemplated sexual violent acts against other human beings.  These seminars heavily incorporate archetypal/archeological psychology and a genealogical framework along with audience discussion to address underlying issues that breed sexually violent behavior.  There is a psychological theory that “…a person’s dreams, [fantasies], and psyche are intertwined with their beliefs [to form] their behaviors, thoughts, and emotions,” (GoodTherapy, 2016).  With this philosophy, the facilitator(s) are able to help the audience increase their awareness of the archetypal structures that scaffold sexually violent behavior.  These discussions stimulate the audience to be able to increase their ability to keep themselves and others safe and it specifically addresses the underlying causes of sexual violence and sexually predatory behavior. 

Unconventional Stress Management and Resilience Coaching Seminars  are non-traditional discussion-based seminar/training regarding stress management which has been strategically developed to significantly boost the state of one’s personal and overall happiness. This training heavily incorporates effective unconventional models along with audience discussion to address issues that breed stress and stymie healthy wellbeing. Using philosophical and psychological sciences from a mental health (clinical and depth psychological) perspective, the facilitator(s) are able to help the audience increase their awareness of conscious, subconscious, and unconscious barriers to joy, fulfillment, and self-actualization. In addition, the participants will also increase their ability to transcend maladaptive mentalities, behaviors, and schemas that cause stress.
Talk Counseling/Character Development and Wellbeing Coaching are holistic services that encompass the foundation of the mental health and wellbeing work that PerspectVe engages in by utilizing the company umbrella model called the Wellbeing, Enlightenment, Soul-Development, and Self-Discovery (WESS) Model.  This model has been created for individualistic learning in a way that compliments and coincides with the traditionally known S.T.E.M (or STEM) Model (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  The WESS Model is a multidisciplinary, integrative, and versatile approach to learning and rediscovering intrapersonal concepts that are combined with holistic life-lessons and processing skills.  This style of counseling and coaching is facilitated in a way that makes connections between the clients individual internal and external world within the multiverse.  Thus, significantly advancing their desire and ability to healthily deal with and transcend normal and abnormal life stressors and achieve an ongoing lived experience of personal joy.


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