Dr. Edwards is an independent contractor with PerspectVe LLC.  He is the Assistant Vice President for Student Wellbeing, Director of the Counseling Center, and Adjunct Professor of Philosophy and Psychology at Duquesne University.  He has partnered with us and provides his soulfulness and veteran skills as a licensed psychologist. He approaches counseling from a predominantly integrative perspective, which means that he relies upon a wide range of theories and therapies (psychological, philosophical, scientific, and spiritual) to inform his work with people and organizations. He treats sadness, depression, worry and anxiety as well as other typically afflictive emotions (anger, jealousy, fear, etc.) by helping people come to the awareness that their experiences of such emotions are meaningful (in that they say something powerful about aspects of the self that need attention, compassion, and care), purposeful, and can be worked through and successfully regulated within the context of a healing therapeutic relationship. He is interested in helping people realize that they have the ability to experience and respond to thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, as well as events in ways that facilitate psychological growth and even neurological change. And, he greatly values helping people and companies/establishments recognize their strengths, develop positive traits, cultivate optimism, and live meaningful lives that lead to happiness, wellbeing, success, and fulfillment.  

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