Life Coach Training Course General Course Description 
(Course Number - P301)


This training will introduce trainees to the helping profession of life coaching, and various components of other therapeutic.  Trainees will develop an understanding of “the human condition” and how this knowledge relates to personal/professional development, life coaching, and other services within the helping profession.  Some of the content covered in this training is, but not limited to, the history of life coaching, awareness of professional counseling, theories of human development, personality, human behavior, etc.  The trainee will also gain a significant amount of self-awareness, thus adding an authentic and passionate element to their field of work.  The majority of states (if not all) do not mandate any certifications or degrees to call oneself a Life-Coach.  However, various literature throughout the years has recommended anyone calling themself a Life-Coach to have some sort of training within the Helping Profession.  Individuals who complete all of teh course requirements for this training will recieve an educational certificate.

Training Objectives

  • Understand what life coaching is.
  • Understand three theories of human development.
  • Understand One’s Own Professional Identity.
  • Increased awareness about various components of psychotherapy.
  • Understand the significance of certain components and elements of the helping profession.
  • Understand psychological and therapeutic terms.
  • Understand the basic uses of the DSM and ICD.
  • Increased awareness of psychotherapy groups, self-help groups, support groups, etc.
  • Increased awareness of multiculturalism in regards to the helping profession.
  • Increased awareness of substance use/abuse and addiction in regards to the helping profession.

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WHY AM I HERE? - How To Find "MY" Purpose Training - General Course Description
(Course Number - P302)

This training has been developed to expose individuals and groups to non-traditional strategies that foster the awareness of one’s purpose in life.  Through utilizing innovative approaches this course facilitates reoccurring quantum experience with symbolic themes that will allow trainees to access areas of their lives (past, present, and future) in a way that brings about meaning, enthusiasm about life, and purpose. 
Training Objectives
  • To increase and gain awareness and understanding of one’s purpose via:
    • Life-Event Case Studies
    • Biographical Dissecting and Quantum Leap Thinking.
    • Other non-traditional techniques
  • To challenge meaninglessness, gain clarity regarding ambivalence, and increase ability to put meaning to life circumstances.
  • To significantly increase one’s ability to turn problems into power, stress intro strength, and tragedy into triumph.
  • To increase one’s ability to put life purpose into action effectively LIVE purpose through:
    • Strategic Configuration and Blending of Passion and Education/Area of Study.
    • Intensified Biographical Dissecting and Quantum Leap Thinking.
    • Real Life Application.
To have a full syllabus sent to you, please call/text (412)592-2291, or email 
(Course Number - P303)
The dynamic topic of LOVE is put on the “laboratory table” and dissected by the students/participants.  This interactive online experience provides a confidential forum for participants to explore their perspectives of love to better assess and understand healthy relationship behaviors and attitudes vs. maladaptive views and unhealthy behaviors of love.  Each participant has the opportunity to share his/her personal dilemmas and success within the intimate relationship setting and process therapeutic discussion from other peers and professionals.  This course aims to provide information that will cultivate several quantum experiences that address alternative coping mechanisms to unfavorable relationship dynamics, resolve perplexing relationship situations, and help facilitate the mutual feeling of being in-love within a past, new, current, or future intimate relationship.
Training Objectives
  • To increase the participant’s awareness regarding relationship dynamics that precede the relationship.
  • To inspire oneself to become a better you towards living a fulfilling life with your better half.
  • To address the unexpressed needs, shocking expectations, unexpected questions and questions-not-asked, and secret agendas that harm relationships.
  • To explore the participants reasoning and meaning of love while processing the difference of being “in-love”.
  • To assess and increase the participant’s awareness of a healthy relationship in regards to self.
  • To address the impact of cultural, familial, and societal factors that influence relationships.
  • To provide information and skills that allow participant’s to increase their likelihood of cultivating a mutually healthy and satisfying relationship.

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