PerspectVe LLC was established on January 18, 2010 by Shawn Coleman in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  With spiritual based initiatives, PerspectVe creates tools and spaces that construct a soulful community that promotes optimal wellbeing.  Our vision is to be the leading entity in the advancement and improvement regarding the wellbeing of those individuals and groups who allow our services to be a part of their lives.

About Shawn

Born on August 21, 1985, Shawn Francis-Coleman was raised in the North-Side section of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Later, his father would move him and his family to Stanton Heights.  At age five, Shawn attended kindergarten at St. Peters Catholic School.  Being one of seven children (five living), Shawn had a severe stuttering problem and could not communicate his thoughts clearly to family and friends which caused problems at home, school, and in the community.  Early on he learned that if he “punched somebody in the mouth,” it was much easier than taking 18 seconds to say stop messing with me and leave me alone.  Eventually, Shawn recognized that he was stronger than many of his peers and an exceptional fighter.  This led to the next 17-18 years of his life staying in trouble at home, school, and in the community.  There were several occasions where he was suspended from school for several days due to fighting, and as he got older having a few run-ins with the law.

By age 16, Shawn was physically sovereign to the majority of his peers which increased his desire to fight grown men instead of his friends.  He would get in to confrontations at basketball courts, movie theatres, parks, and any other place where he could get that type of thrill.

Though being hardheaded the majority of the time, he reported that he was still able to maintain excellent grades in school from kindergarten through eighth-grade, consistently receiving honor and high honor roll awards.  In describing the adverse correlation between his grades and his behavior he stated “…I didn’t want to fail and I knew that if I just tried hard and turned in my work, even if it wasn’t correct, I would get some type of credit for it.  I have always been a likable person in class and even though I didn’t show respect to teachers or people in-general all of the time, I knew that if I brought home bad grades, my parents would have whooped my [you know what] (laughs).”

High School was not as great of an experience Francis-Coleman explains.  “It’s funny because I was an athlete, I was a great saxophone player, the girls always showed me a lot of attention, but I didn’t do well in the social aspect.  I had NO CONFIDENCE in myself for some reason.  I was going through some personal things at the time that sapped much of my self-esteem.”  Shawn went from a being 3.8 student to barely graduating with a 2.7 grade point average (GPA).  “I went to college but I really didn’t want to,” he continued.  “The second I got home from my high school graduation, my dad sat me down and said ‘Either you’re going to college or you’re getting out of my house’.”  Not having a job or any real plans, he decided to go to college.  “I hated when my dad gave me orders, but it turned out being one of the best things he’d ever force me to do and the collegiate experience has been a major factor in the difference between me at age 17 and the person I am today.”

During college, Shawn continued to get into fights, almost being kicked off of the basketball team and out of college.  His grades increased somewhat but he continued to struggle to achieve the high honors of his early educational career.  This was the time when he developed strong relationships with his teammates and was exposed to other academic and cultural experiences that were not available to him back in Pittsburgh.  Putting it himself he says, “College gave me good and not so good experiences.  It was good in the sense that I had to learn how to get things done for myself and I met some good friends from different parts of the world.  But I also experienced more racism and prejudice.  That resulted in more fights and things like that.  All in all I enjoyed college and it was the birth of some new interests for me.”

After Shawn completed college he achieved some immediate and uncommon success.  For example, the day after he graduated from college he was offered a job and began a career in the field of human services.  Two years later, after a new found passion for self-growth and personal development, he established PerspectVe LLC, a personal development business specializing in anger management coaching, life coaching, and therapeutic boxing.  Within the next two and a half years, he was promoted within one of the most recognized human service agencies in Western Pennsylvania and became the director of their family support center in the Hill District, also completing his master’s degree in professional counseling and finishing with a 3.6 GPA.

Currently, Francis-Coleman is married to Makalia Francis-Coleman and he has authored eight books, created a research based program anger management program, as well as an innovative style of therapy in Therapeutic Boxing, etc.  He spends most of his time just being...

To contact Shawn about life development workshops, email him at  or call 412-592-2291.




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